How to Keep Your Roofing Project On Schedule

By September 5, 2017Information

Whether you’re in need of roof repair services or full-blown replacement work, your roof project can take days or weeks to complete. A lot of speed bumps, such as the weather, scheduling, and holidays, can make your project stretch even farther. Nomad Roofing discusses how to keep your roofing project on schedule and ensure you finish it on time.

Roofing Project

Material Choice and Budget

Keep in mind that your choice of material affects your budget forecast as well as schedule. Some of the rarer and high-priced materials, such as tile and slate are pricier and often take more time to ship than common materials like asphalt. So if you’re planning to switch to a higher-rated roofing that requires a few days shipping, make sure you adjust your project’s schedule accordingly.

Remember the Permits and Regulations

Home roofing projects will often require you to obtain a building permit from your area’s local licensing office before you actually start the project. It’s easy to forget this, and may be the cause of your project’s delay. So once you’ve determined the budget for your project, don’t forget to check your licensing office and make sure you obtain all the necessary permits your residential roofing contractor will need.

Keep the Weather in Mind

When you’re setting the schedule for your roofing project, make sure you keep the weather in mind. We highly suggest you do repair or replacement work during sunny weather. Avoid rainy weeks as your new roof will get damaged by moisture before it’s even installed or replaced.

Finally, make sure you hire a professional contractor for your home roofing project. When you work with us, we can source higher quality roofing materials at better prices, and we’ll make sure your new system is properly installed.

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