5 Items That Should Be in Your Roofing Estimate

By November 13, 2017Roofing

A new roof estimate is one of the first things homeowners should discuss with roofers before starting a project. Estimates, while not fixed, will give you a clearer picture of what you are getting into in terms of expenses and time commitment. Still, there are specific items you should insist on for your own protection.

5 Items That Should Be in Your Roofing Estimate

The following are five of those.

1. Payment Terms

Estimates need to have specifics on payment methods. In addition, you should also see a clear timeline of the payment schedule so you can prepare your finances as the project goes along.

2. Materials to Be Used

Estimates should include the specific materials the roofer will use on your project. This ensures that you will be getting the quality you expect and deserve.

3. Lien Release

Secure yourself from any legal liabilities. Lien releases do just that. Should any unforeseen circumstances arise, such as if roofers fail to pay subcontractors, suppliers, or others involved in your roofing project, you are protected.

4. Provisions for Add-Ons and Changes

Not all projects go according to plan, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are times when additional work needs to be done. The roofer may discover the need for eavestrough repair or other issues. Sometimes, homeowners have a change of heart and switch materials or colors. Provisions for such changes should be included in contracts to prevent issues.

5. Termination Clause

Termination clauses spell out the different circumstances under which a contractor or homeowner may withdraw from the written agreement. This is to ensure that there will not be any penalties should terms be violated through mutual consent.

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