The Importance of Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia

By February 12, 2018Roofing

There is more to your roof than just the shingles. It’s a system of components working together to shield your home from inclement weather conditions. This is why it’s important to understand each of their roles so you can detect potential problems easily.


Some of the roof’s key elements that are often neglected are the eavestrough, soffit and fascia. If you get a new roof estimate from us, Nomad Roofing can take the time explain how to keep them in good shape. To get started, here’s a brief breakdown of their functions:


Soffit refers to the underside of your roof that conceals the rafter beams. Contrary to what some people think, it does more than just finish the look of your exterior. It protects your roof as well by keeping water, debris and pests out. Additionally, it comes with small holes to ventilate your roof.


A well-maintained eavestrough is essential in preserving your home’s structural integrity. It’s responsible for driving rainwater and snowmelt away from your roof, foundation and other vulnerable areas of your exterior. By keeping your home dry and safe, it spares you from the ill effects of excessive moisture, including rot, mold growth and soil erosion. As soon as you notice leaks, cracks and other problems, have an expert like us perform a prompt eavestrough repair.


Fascia is a long piece of board that connects to the ends of the rafters and trusses. Apart from holding the gutters in place, it also keeps water from entering your roof and causing damage. Furthermore, it creates a smooth appearance along the roof’s edge, which adds to curb appeal.

Keeping these components in great shape is crucial to avoiding water damage and increased energy bills. When they’re past their prime, however, turn to Nomad Roofing right away for flawless eavestrough, fascia and soffit installations. Call us at (780) 686-8386 to learn more about our products and services. We serve Sherwood Park and surrounding communities in Alberta.