Nomad Roofing: Solar Roof Installation Overview

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular these days, and for good reason. As more people grow ever more conscious about things that affect our everyday living, such as sustainability, self-reliance, caring for the environment, and reducing our carbon footprint, so too are we beginning to change the way we are building our homes and buildings.

This heightened curiosity about doing things right — in a manner that will favor both our households and the environment as a whole — has led to increased curiosity about the benefits that solar power can bring. As a sustainable energy source, solar panels on your roof can yield not only savings on energy consumption, but on spending as well.

But Why Solar?

If you’re thinking of having solar panels installed on your roof, one of the questions you may be asking yourself is, will solar panels have a detrimental effect on my roofing? In particular, is there a greater likelihood that my roof will leak as a result of solar panel installation? The short answer is, NO.

Though it is true that solar panel installers will have to drill holes onto your roof to secure the panels, they will also be using special items—including adhesives and accessories—to prevent water from penetrating the holes and causing leaks.

The job of these special items is made easier by the fact that it’s easy to predict where water on your roof is going, which is down. That’s why solar panel attachments typically have raised barriers that divert the flow of water from the attachment point.

More Benefits

What’s more, when you have solar panels on your roof, your roofing material is covered and protected from the harsh rays of the sun,  which can potentially prolong its life. In case roof maintenance or repairs are necessary, solar panels are quite easy to remove.

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