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Wondering how you can enjoy more natural light in your home? Let Nomad Roofing help you out with sun tunnels!

What They Are

Also known as sun tubes, light tubes, solar tubes, or tubular skylights, sun tunnels are narrow reflective metal tubes that let in natural light from an opening on the roof and reflect that light into a room with the help of a lens or diffuser. Sun tunnel openings are typically domed to allow light to be collected from all angles, maximizing the amount of natural light let in.

Sun tunnels are great because:

  • They can be installed anywhere. They don’t need structural reframing during installation, helping the process along.
  • They are versatile. Sun tunnels vary in size, and depending on design, can offer lighting options to control brightness, as well as the type of light projected through the tube at night.
  • They can complement your roof. Aside from domed glass, a sun tunnel cover may also be flat, allowing you to choose a particular style that will work best with your existing roof.

Skylights vs Sun Tunnels

Skylights and sun tunnels are essentially the same in that they both bring much-wanted natural light into a room. They differ, however, in how they go about doing that. While skylights are windows mounted directly on roofs, sun tunnels make use of a tubular structure extending from the roof through the ceiling to deliver daylight into any area of the home.

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