NOMAD ROOFING provides a limited workmanship warranty for a period of five (5) years on all re-roof and new-roof installations. All other work/services are warrantied for a period of one (1) year.

NOMAD ROOFING shall carry liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance and will provide certificates, prior to the start of any work, upon request.

Any modifications to the contract must be in writing and signed by both parties in order to be added to the Contract.

The REGISTERED OWNERS must supply to NOMAD ROOFING, within seven (7) days after completion of job, a list of any adjustments and incomplete items as per the Contract which will then be satisfied, expeditiously by NOMAD ROOFING. After the said delay of seven (7) days, the work shall be considered as fully accepted by the REGISTERED OWNERS.

NOMAD ROOFING warrants that all material used and all work done will be of good quality in accordance with local building codes and best practices principles. It is agreed, however, that no claim may be filed under the warranty and there shall be no obligation to make adjustments thereunder, until the full Contract price has been paid by the REGISTERED OWNERS to NOMAD ROOFING.

The REGISTERED OWNERS acknowledge that any and all surplus materials which may be delivered to the job site shall remain the property of NOMAD ROOFING and the REGISTERED OWNERS further acknowledge and agree:

(i) that they shall hold NOMAD ROOFING faultless for any event beyond NOMAD ROOFING’s control, including any damages or delays caused by strikes, fires, accidents or other unforeseen causes;

(ii) that they shall assume the risk of any loss or damage resulting from theft, misuse, fire, flood, or from any other cause, except NOMAD ROOFING’s own act, to materials delivered upon the premises or installed by NOMAD ROOFING, and shall reimburse NOMAD ROOFING for any such loss or damage;

(iii) that all material is guaranteed to be as specified and any alterations or deviation from specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written orders and will become an extra charge over and above the initial proposal;

(iv) that since there is considerable movement on the roof during re-roofing operations, they are advised to take measures to safeguard personal effects that may be jarred inside the building (i.e. pictures, displayed china, chandeliers, etc.) as no liability will be assumed by NOMAD ROOFING;

(v) that replacement of rotten deck, as required, will incur an additional cost of $3.00 per sqft and will be replaced to a maximum of $100 prior to requiring their pre-approval;

(vi) that pricing is based on single-layer tear and bin placement on driveway/lawn within throw distance of areas being replaced unless otherwise noted, and that if additional layers of shingles are discovered, an additional cost of $0.34/sqft per layer will be incurred;

(vii) that pricing is based on an acceptable deck surface, unless otherwise noted, and if resheating of the roof deck is needed to meet manufacturers installation requirements, an additional cost of $1.25/sqft will be incurred;

(viii) that existing wall flashings is assumed reusable, unless otherwise specified and any required repair or replacement of wall flashings will be charged extra;

(ix) that NOMAD ROOFING does not guarantee alignment of satellite dishes and are not held liable for such costs;

(x) that this Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto and that no other agreement whether verbal, collateral or otherwise shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by both parties. There are no representations or agreements other than as are contained herein;

(xi) that NOMAD ROOFING reserves the right to accept or reject this Contract at its option;

(xii) that once the proposal is signed they may cancel at any time in writing without penalty as long as no materials have been delivered; however, if materials have already been delivered, they agree to pay for all shipping, delivery, dehoisting and restocking charges incurred by NOMAD ROOFING plus a $50.00 administrative fee;

(xiii) that leaks caused by ice damming are not covered by the NOMADROOFING’s workmanship warranty and no liability will be assumed by NOMAD ROOFING for damages caused by this type of leak;

(xiv) to allow NOMAD ROOFING workmen access to said property to complete work outlined in the Contract;

(xv) to pay amounts owing for services rendered upon completion and receipt of invoice;

(xvi) that a $50.00 fee will be charged on returned cheques, which amount shall form part of the balance owing;

(xvii) that if amounts owing are not paid within fifteen (15) days of completion of services rendered, they are considered past due and subject to interest charged at a rate of 24% per annum (2% per month) until payment is made (notwithstanding any judgement or attachment or other process of the law which is taken in respect to such amounts owing);

(xviii) to pay the full amount of all costs, expenses and fees incurred to effect collection of past due accounts for solicitors’ or agents’ services, on a solicitor / agent and client basis and such amount shall become part of the balance owing.

(xiv) that they have received notice of the contents of the Schedule on this side hereof.

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